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My new Community

Hi everyone.
I created a community a couple of days ago devoted to the discussion of controversial topics that would generally get our asses kicked by uber hardcore Christians.
That's the community. Feel free to join if you wish. There will be no limits on whatever topic you all feel you want to discuss.
Hope to see you there.
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Thanks for taking the time to find this place. I really need to update it.
Godis an's why

i dont know what to say to you except for the fact that it is ridiculous for you to change your beliefs bc of some idiots and some dang songs. the bible says you will encounter hardships and also warns of false testifiers. sorry for my hostility. i am praying for you.
You lack much understanding (not to say that I know everything), for wisdom go to the King James Bible. God would have for everyone to know the truth and be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Ask God for the truth, search for him with all your'll find out who he Is and the wonderful things he has planed for those who love him. Most of all he wants you to be saved (from Hell) but that's your choice: It's up to you If you want to accept Jesus Christ's love give to you of dying on the cross and shedding his precious blood to be an atonement for your sins and the sins of the world. You must receive It In order to have It: believe that he did this for you, repent (be truly sorry for your sins and be willing to turn from sin), go to God In prayer and accept this free gift.
The problem I have with the King James Bible is it is an Interpretation of an Interpretation of an Interpretation. If you read a Bible from 200 years ago women were considered property like pigs or sheep. Can we trust the modern bible? The short answer is no. The long answer is based on peoples interpretation based on their morals and what is going on in their personal lives and the world around them. I believe in Jesus and I believe that if I walk in the footsteps of Jesus and treat other well and help were I am needed that is the true path. I really don't believe God or Jesus would punish people because they did not believe in them, but would base it more on their actions. Gandhi was not a Christian but i would have to guess that he would have a much better chance in getting into heaven than a lot of Christians.
guys thats super lame. I'm a christian. You guys just think it would be funny to have some hardcore christians freak out? you definitely have a life...