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This is a community I created to voice what I've been feeling lately. I was raised Christian (Baptist), grew up with Bible coloring books, going to church a lot, but I got exposed to Ingmar Bergman with "The Seventh Seal", a movie that made me question a lot of what I'd been told. And a bunch of the musicians I listen to are pretty anti-God, or say a lot of stuff about him I find myself agreeing with. There's also been this part of me, even when I said I "believed" in God, that thought "maybe he really doesn't exist" or "mayde he doesn't care." I tried shutting those thoughts out, but I figured I couldn't destroy any part of me. I've always felt kind of phony in church anyways because I haven't even read the whole bible. I mean, I went on a church trip earlier this summer and encountered a bunch of assholes that really turned me off to the church, and I read "Catcher in the Rye" on that trip, which basically countered anything they'd tell me their. I really dig that Nietzshe saying of "God is dead" you know, maybe he helped out people back in the day, 'cause there are these stories about it, but what about now? So I basically came up with my own idea, that God is an asshole, who either doesn't care about mankind or is powerless to stop them. So this is community is basically for the disillusioned, like myself, to complain about God or for those who still believe to defend him. Sometime I'll get around to posting the songs that inspired my skepticism.
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